Building Wrap Case Study

Building Wraps have the ability to turn unused surfaces into valuable brand and advertising space. Printovate use the latest material and print technology to create high impact brand messages.

Case Brief - Intel Dublin

We worked with an international advertising agency to advice on the most suitable substrate and application for this corporate building wrap. The installation needed to be completed in a safe and time efficient manner working outside normal office hours and adhering to specified safety protocols.


Our initial on site inspection revealed that a traditional banner type substrate would not be suitable as this would have necessitated fixtures in on the building cladding which was not acceptable. The height of building also presented a challenge and necessitated the use of an18 ton sky lift.


A self adhesive vinyl was used, covering the window sections in a 70/30 contravision substrate which facilitated external vision.


The building wrap delivered a high impact brand message for Intel. The project was delivered on time and on budget.