Trade Show Graphics

A trade show event is a great marketing medium to facilitate face‐to‐face contact with multiple prospects, business to business (b2b) or business to consumer.

It is also the only medium where potential customers can experience your product through hands‐on demonstrations and customised in‐person conversations, not to mention the utilisation of the other senses. Add to this equation the neutrality of the exhibition environment and the fact that prospects pay (in time) to visit you and you have an enormously powerful promotional vehicle. Exhibitions are potent if for this very reason alone and form a critical component of any marketing strategy.

Given that the exhibition is a unique form of marketing, literally putting your company on show, its success is enhanced dramatically when effort is applied to the planning process as it relates to the choice of exhibition, the representation of the product/message and the people involved.

Printovate offers portable trade show displays from banner stands to pop ups and promotional counters.